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Youth Vibe

Youth Vibe

Whats it all about?

Youth Vibe is a youth service in Cheshire, led by Deaf, hearing impaired and hearing young people. We provide activities for young people aged 8 to 18 offering great experiences in an inclusive environment.  Young people are encouraged to bring friends or make new ones! Whether you sign or speak, we all chat together!

What do we get up to?

Fun Activities – We do lots of different activities, in the past we have done fun things like Rock climbing, Trampolining, Fencing, Archery, Arts and crafts, cookery, the young people came up with the ideas and the Youth Workers then planned them.

Youth Developments and Achievements – Last year 8 young people completed their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Expedition and are now working towards completing the whole Award. We have a Young leaders scheme where the older young people hold the opportunity to complete training and become a Young leader within the Youth sessions.

What do the young people think?

‘I love coming to Youth Vibe because it’s good to meet up with my friends who wear hearing aids like me.’ Young male, aged 12 years.

‘I love coming to Youth Vibe, I’m hearing but I feel really included and everyone is really friendly. We do dead good activities too!” Young female aged 14years

‘I hated wearing my hearing aids and took them out for school. Since I’ve started coming to Youth Vibe I’ve got more confident as I know that other people are like me’ Young male aged 15years

‘I was the only deaf person at my school, having youth club made me feel a lot more included in the deaf community, its made me a lot more confident and its part of who I am.’ Young female aged 18years

‘Youth vibe is like family to me, I’ve had lots going on in my life but knowing I had youth club to come to once a week and being with my deaf friends has really helped me’ Young female aged 16years

So come along if you’re deaf, hearing impaired or hearing, we all have fun together!

For information about upcoming activities and youth clubs click the links below

Youth Vibe Jan to Mar 18

For more information contact:

Amanda 07851926376 or Sally 07805837663 or email

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