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New ‘One Stop Shop’ For Sensory Impairments in Cheshire East



A ‘one-stop shop’ for people with sensory loss has now been set up in Cheshire East.

DSN CEO Bob Birchall said he was ‘delighted’ to announce the long-standing charity, have been selected to deliver an Integrated Sensory Service for Adults & Children in Cheshire East over the next two years.

DSN will provide a fully comprehensive service for residents experiencing vision and/or hearing loss, working closely with Cheshire East Council’s Rehabilitation Officers for People with a Visual Impairment, to provide a cohesive approach to sensory impairment for the people of Cheshire East.

The service will be available for people (including support for adults, children and young people) with sensory impairments across Cheshire East to include those who are:

  • Visually impaired
  • D/deaf
  • Have an acquired hearing loss
  • Deafblind – sometimes known as a dual sensory loss – people with a significant combination of hearing and sight loss.

The support provided will be based on individual need and may include help in increasing life skills, promoting independence, working with conflicts of interest and relationships, as well as coping strategies, learning new skills and encouraging and supporting those with a sensory loss to participate in group activities. Help with loss and bereavement is also provided by DSN.

Bob added: “The integrated approach to service provision will enable a simplified pathway for service users and residents. This will be particularly important for individuals with a dual sensory loss and we very much look forward to working with our service partners and the council during our initial two-year contract.”

For more information or to seek help contact call 0333 220 5050 or email