Advice for Executors

If you are the executor of a will in which Deafness Support Network has been mentioned, you may find this information helpful when dealing with the estate.

Being an executor can be a daunting prospect - but dealing with an estate doesn't have to be overwhelming. Information and preparation can help you feel more confident, and many people say they are pleased to have been able to help carry out their family member or friend's last wishes.

While we are unable to provide legal advice, Deafness Support Network is experienced in estate administration where a charity is named as a beneficiary, so we can offer guidance on the responsibilities of an executor in those circumstances.

Is Deafness Support Network a pecuniary beneficiary?
If the Testator has left us a fixed sum of money, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is send a cheque for the correct amount, with a covering letter detailing the Deceased's name and address, addressed to the Legacy Administration Officer and giving any other information that you may consider helpful.

Is Deafness Support Network a residuary beneficiary?
When you are ready to apply for Probate (or earlier, if possible) we would appreciate your supplying us with a copy of the Will and a list of the estate's assets and liabilities. Because of our charitable status, some assets may need to be treated in particular way and the sooner we can advise you of this, the better.

We would welcome interim distributions when possible and regular progress reports during the administration. But, before we can give you a proper receipt and discharge, we require the following:

• photocopy of the Will and any Codicils made by the Legator
• schedule of the Assets and Liabilities of the estate
• copy of the Estate Agents' sales particulars (where a property has been sold)
• copy of an independent valuation for any significant assets
• estate accounts (preferably prior to distribution)
• tax deduction certificate, Form R185 (Estate Income)

Once you are ready to distribute the estate, you can send a cheque to:
Deafness Support Network
Northwich Headquarters
144 London Road

We are registered as the Cheshire Deaf Society -  we operate as Deafness Support Network.

Please mark the letter for the attention of the Legacy Administration Officer.

If you would prefer to transfer the money by BACS, please contact us for more information by emailing

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