Fundraising Tips

Considering running your own fundraising event to raise funds for DSN?

Here are some useful tips to help with planning, the list is not meant to be exhaustive - but it does give some pointers to ensure a successful and safe event.
Heath and Safety
Your event must comply with Health and Safety regulations for the premises where it  will be held
You should carry out a risk assessment and identify any  ‘precautions’ needed which should be  implemented either ahead of the event - or on the day.  This is very important if  you will be engaging with the general public.
Depending on the activity, you  might need to check that you  have the correct licences to carry out the activities you want to do.  This needs to be through  the relevant Local Authority for where the event will take place. You are likely to need a licence if you are:
  • Providing alcohol or entertainment (which includes recorded music)
  • Holding a raffle, lottery or auction
  • Doing any sort of public collection
  • Putting up banners or signs in public areas

You may need a licence from the Performing Rights Society if you will be playing music or TV or film.
Check the venue you are using has insurance that covers your activities and that you are able to access the insurance should you need to.
If you are hiring in any equipment or service, check they are fully insured. Double check the contract you are signing with them, it is not unheard of for providers to try to pass the insurance responsibility on to you.
Seeking permission
You must always ensure that the owner of the property understands what will be happening and that they give you permission, ideally in writing, to carryout your activity. If you have it in writing and the person who gave permission is not there on the day, then you may save yourself a real headache.
For further information and advice - including  help with posters, collection buckets, sponsorship forms, our registered charity details or any other queries  please do contact:
Fundraising Manager
Tel: 0808 208 2440
Fax: 01606 49456
Textphone: 01606 350823

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