Technical Services

Our expert advice and assessment is provided free of charge by our team of specialist staff.

Advances in technology mean that there is an ever increasing and constantly improving range of products available to help people who are D/deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy a better quality of life.

These ‘aids to hearing’ offer practical solutions to some of the more frustrating problems of everyday living and enable Deaf or hard of hearing people to participate in activities the rest of society take for granted.

DSN’s knowledgable and experienced Technical Services staff are uniquely placed to offer the best advice and to recommend the most suitable equipment to meet each individual’s needs.

We can help you…
  • Follow your favourite TV soaps
  • Listen to the radio and music
  • Use the telephone
  • Hear and see the doorbell ring
  • Use alarm clocks, baby alarms and smoke detectors
  • Become more out-going

Demonstrations can be arranged by appointment either in your home, or in any of our centres.
If you'd like to know more about the equipment available, or would simply like advice on practical solutions to problems caused by hearing loss, complete a referral form today!

To download a referral form click here or click on the image below. Once complete, email it to us at or send by fax to 01606 49456.


     Deafness Support Network
     in Partnership with Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
       Deafness Support Network also has a partnership with Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
       Our Deaf Person's Fire Advocate, Melanie Pitts can visit D/deaf people in    
       their homes, to provide information on home safety and assess for
       specialist fire safety equipment.

       If you have a hearing loss and would like to be visited by our Deaf Person's Fire                          Advocate, please contact us.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service have created an online home safety assessment film.
The film has subtitles. 

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To book a DSN Interpreter, or any other form of Communication Support click here.

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